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omg him and Gabi are so cute!! hahah.

the comments on the last page said this, but I’m also really excited to see things from different character’s points of view too! it’s such a great idea to introduce information as well as give a feel for the characters. C: and of course i’m excited for Ink, because, cutie. ; v; can I make fan art of your characters??? I just love them auugh

and other ppl said this too but gosh I love your color schemes for this comic! i’ve been impressed with it from the beginning but you’re doing a great job with it. *//v//* ♥

Why is this so beautiful. No scratch that. Why are you so beautiful? This comic, man I can already sense how truly epic this is going to be. Like best comic ever epic. Your characters are so adorable and amazing (like you). Ink is just so cute, I can’t. I have lost my ability to can. You are totes magoats my inspiration for doing comics and such! This page, I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite so far.