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The end of act one has definitely cemented Ink as my favourite character, love this comic 🙂 I can almost see the flashbacks of them trying out sign language as wendy and freja are learning it and ink trying not to laugh because they get it all wrong as adorable little kids. the cuteness is just too much!

Gosh darn, I forgot that last time my comment got messed up because I used the less-than bracket to make a heart. OTL||| I’ll have to remember that next time. Here was what I meant to say:

Gosh I love Ink, he’s such a cutie!!! ( ;//v//;) And I love that you have a character who uses sign!!

And wow I really like how you ended the chapter too, now I am intrigued by that necklace. @ _@;; There was even a panel where she showed it to the shop lady, right?! Did she go back and steal it again?! Can’t wait to see what’s next! ( * v*)/ ♥

Ah sorry for causing you the trouble of posting this comment twice!!

No problem! I always appreciate your lovely thoughtful comments :> thanks so much!! I’m glad you like Ink, drawing the sign language is really fun. And the necklace thing is meant to be a bit ambiguous, but it’s a safe guess she didn’t pay for it haha

So, I found you via Princess Princess (somebody posted a page on tumblr and I was all, “I would read the sh** out of a comic like that” and they were all “Dude, it’s a real comic and it’s over here *linky*” and I was like “OMFG I MUST READ THE SH** OUT OF THAT!!!” and so I did and it was awesome.) a couple weeks ago and only just realized you’ve done other comics.

Holy wow, girl. Just…Wow. I LOVE your character designs! I love how different and not-stereotypical ALL of your characters are. I love adorably-chubby Sadie, and Amira’s kick-butt hair, and Wendy’s hime-cut and crop-tops, and Freja’s chubby cheeks and three eyes, and OMG INK JUST INK OMGOMGOMG~
And I love the personalities! I love how firey Wendy is, and how badass Vulchure wants us to think he is, and and and the COOKIE LOVING UNICORN OMGGGGGGGGGG

And let’s talk for a minute about how Ink speaks in sign language, and ALL THE GENDER ISSUES in Princess Princess, and how freaking sad Don’t Let Go made me despite it being like five pages long, and how I didn’t even realize Counting Stars was yours and blub blub that comic gave me so many feels, and how you are seriously the best person ever because you don’t just use the “stock” characters of entertainment but actually write about people I’d totally be friends with IRL and just…Just…….

I can’t even. I just can’t. Here, have all my internets and love. I’m stalking your work forever now, kthnxbai.

Sorry if I’m kindof being an incoherant fangirl right now. I just can’t believe how awesome you are.

omg i’m… kind of overwhelmed with how insanely sweet and lovely your comment is ;_______; omg thank you, thank you so much!! I’m especially so pleased you like my characters, they’re like my babies so when people are excited about them it makes me super duper excited too!! ahhhh I am so happy right now, thank you for your kind words! ;w; i hope I can continue to make stuff you enjoy!!!